From fine white bedding to soft wool throws, there is diverse bed linen to choose from at store. Our rich product range grows constantly to bring in more satisfaction and inspiration. White Motive takes the best care to source and offer only proven quality bedding to our customers. Because we want to make sure our linens enrich your home with unique value. Is it for your daily household needs or a special family occasion? Our signature bed linen is precisely selected for you.

Our certified 100% natural fibre bedding features the Masters of Linen label and so it is a robust guarantee of the highest quality. Linen bedding sets are crisp and breathable and therefore, the best for a healthy sleep. Trendy striped bed sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers are also practical. Because they keep the body in balance with the right temperature, and free from smell and moisture. This is the ideal choice for you and your family to completely rejoice in delightful freshness.

To enjoy your favourite pastime further, look at our wide gallery of summer throws and warm wool blankets for every season. Use the cosy bed linen indoors scattered on the bed or sofa. Or, have a relaxed afternoon on a comfy lounge chair in your sunlit garden. Matching cushion covers from durable and lasting natural fabric provide excellent furnishing options for your desired home decor. Time to stun your visitors and create comfort for your family with stylish bedding, which makes everyone feel good.

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