This Christmas

Will Be Heartfelt Special Like No Other..

This Christmas will be a dearly special one in a way that is holy personal and heartfelt family.

In a way that is like no other.

In a way that is a blessing come from a crystal white angel.

In a way that is peaceful like the serene wave of a bird’s wing.

In a way that is so delicate yet strong like a gentle snowdrop flower.

In a way that the silent night is full of infinite faith and embracing with comfort from the candlelight sparkle,

And the bright warming light of the preciously cherished sun is so lifting up all the spirits.

In a way that our good heart is wide open to eternity in a way that the Universe is right here for us, always.

In a way that our caring souls are one with our dearmost till the end of time and beyond to the new beginning.

We all love you dearest Daddy xxxx

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