Black Fleece Blanket Tweedmill Fleece Throw Blankets


100% polar fleece throw blanket woven by Tweedmill in black.


Why our lovable Black Fleece Blanket is the ideal for your positive household, dear Customer? Because it is:

INHERENTLY SOFT—polar fleece is soft and possesses some of wool’s good qualities, weighing much lighter than the lightest woolens.

HIGHLY INSULATING—polar fleece is a warm man-made fabric. It retains much of its insulating quality even when wet and dries quickly.

RELIABLY WATERPROOFING—polar fleece is hydrophobic and does not absorb moisture, holding only a tiny fraction of its weight in water.

EASY TO CARE—polar fleece is easily washed in normal temperatures in the washing machine. A good alternative for those allergic or sensitive to wool.

This lovable Black Fleece Blanket features all these in one and much more of the amazing benefits of colours on our health and well-being.





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