Real Property, Personal Property—The Differences Explained

Real property and personal property are distinguished as the the main types of property. REAL PROPERTY is also known as immovable property, real estate, interest (right) or estate in land, realty, immovable human-made things. Real property that one possesses or is granted rights to control cannot be moved. It comprises land (usually as parcels or … Read more

Private Property, Public Property—The Differences Explained

Private property, public property, as well as collective property are all recognised as main forms of property. The types of possession therefore are called private ownership, public or state ownership, and collective ownership. PRIVATE PROPERTY is possessed by individuals, business or legal entities. Private property can be controlled at the discretion of its owners. However, … Read more

Land Tenure, Housing Tenure—The Types Of Tenure Explained

TENURE is a legal arrangement of the relationship between the lord or the owner and the tenant or the holder that determines the rights and responsibilities of both parties, as well as the conditions of possession and usage of the land. This can also include the associated structures and improvements. LAND TENURE is understood to … Read more

Property Possession, Ownership, Tenure—The Differences Explained

POSSESSION is understood to be one’s intentional control of a thing. Therefore, one can possess property, and more particularly, real property. Property can be possessed in the form of ownership as well as in the form of tenure, which are the two main ways of property possession. However, there are other forms of possession as … Read more

Freehold, Leasehold, Commonhold—The Differences Explained

Freehold, Leasehold, Commonhold are all types of ownership and land tenure, which differ in the manner of how a property, land and or buildings, are owned, held, possessed, or used. FREEHOLD is a type of ownership, where the freehold owner (freeholder) owns a real property, which comprises land, and (if) any immovable structures to it … Read more

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