The Career Aspiration—How To Activate The Good Luck For Career At Home with Feng Shui

The career aspiration is of the most auspicious from the eight types of good luck people usually aspire to. The rest are health, wealth, fame, romance, children, mentors, and education. Feng Shui has a truly simple but a very potent formula of identifying and energising all of these at home.

The good luck for career occupies the northern part of the home as well as the corners of rooms that are located in the north. These are also good neighbours to the metal energy sectors next door, and so the whole group can be productively activated altogether for a beneficial career aspiration.

After identifying and locating these very auspicious northern corners in the home, the more practical part of the Feng Shui method is completed. To activate this particular type of luck for a prosperous career and business, the fun part comes at play with simple and pleasant interior decorations.

The career sector hosts a very powerful type of energy, the potency of which is further expanded by the neighbouring. Water and metal work really well together and the best energisers here are water features and metal objects, as well as blue and black colours in addition to the white, golden and silver.

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