Blenheim Palace

True Home Of The Spirit Of The Man And The Love Of The Woman

Grade I Listed Building, Lower Park and Blenhein Park (area), Blenheim (civil parish), West Oxfordshire (non-metropolitan district), Oxfordshire (non-metropolitan county, ceremonial county)
Image: A dramatic nocturnal view from the Great Court of Blenheim Palace, facing the internal facade of the Stables service block and the West Court, looking towards River Glyme and the Great Lake (Opposite to the Kitchens service block and the East Court).

Blenheim Palace: A Home By Birth Right And A Palace By Honour Of Love And Grace

Maybe because of the month of remembrance, and all the sparkling fireworks, perhaps due to Black Friday, or just for being this slowing down time of the year when we tend to sink inside ourselves and contemplate..

Something made me remember of my visit to this monumental place where his charisma, of the man who was born here is still so strongly felt.

Unpopular and on his own in times of great adversity when a whole nation’s survival depended on him, yet he had that extraordinary bravery to make a choice of a lifetime – not to surrender.

I love being inspired by other strong spirits with admirable souls and hearts full of courage, where the morals of history can always remind us that it needs not to be perfect to mostly deserve our pride and praise.

And now that I have tested its scent myself, I can confidently say that the path to success is always so winding, the most important is to withstand it.

Magnetic times back to Blenheim Palace, Sir Winston Churchill’s birth cradle and ancestral home, where the most affectionate feeling drew in the sight of his devoted love to wife.

Clementine was the most important figure in his life with her persistent admiration and support. Their happy marriage, which lasted until his demise, was the unshaken pillar that provided stable grounds to succeed in the storms of everywhere else.

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