The 5 Most Wanted Gifts for Mum on Mother’s Day by the Expert

Is Mother’s Day a chance to appreciate what Mum means to us? Grasp this one-off opportunity to make up for all her love and care and choose that something special to surprise her with on her day.  

To know what the most important gift for Mother’s Day is, I asked the best expert—Mum! Here White Motive gives you 5 insights for gifts for Mum, small linens under £50 and wools above £150, to big-win her loving heart.

For her, the best gift is the right one. When you know me, she says, you know what makes me happy. If you choose something that I like, it makes the perfect gift for me.

100 Ruusua Linen Napkin

This lovable napkin is made from 100% certified linen. The gentle rose damask piece of table linen features Dora Yung’s classic design of Finish Modernism. It greets the home with the unique luxury of legacy while complementing it in a fresh way with delicate everlasting beauty. Its fineness and history makes this high quality piece of linen a special gift of appreciation. A 100 Roses tablecloth can be available to form a matching set.

Koli Merino Throw Blanket

This lovable throw blanket is made from 100% merino wool. The beautiful geometric floral pattern features an elaborate Finish weaving tradition. It memorises the woven masterpiece work of generations of women making it a wonderful gift for her special occasion or personal holiday. This cosy piece of bed linen is a heart-warming hug especially for Mum and a perfect bedspread or sofa throw for any weather.

Ruusu x Hvittrask Linen Hand Towel

These lovable towels by are made from 100% certified linen and designed in collaboration with the National Museum of Finland. The colour-rich floral motif is inspired by the lovely rose gardens of the eponymous Lakeside villa. History is interwoven into this contemporary Scandinavian design, which makes it a beautiful art-and-craft piece of the classic and modern. Highly absorbent and fast-drying, linen is the ideal material to be used in the bathroom and the kitchen.

Tulppaani Linen & Wool Cushion Cover

This lovable cushion cover by is made from 100% certified linen and wool blend. The beautiful pastel tulips pattern is designed in Finland and blossoms with contemporary Scandi vibes joyfully stirred up with everlasting floral looks. It brings in the bedroom and the living room the irresistible feeling of blooming Spring and flower-scented Summer. The ideal soft furnishing for bed and sofa that is long living and easy to care for. A matching blanket and tea towel can be available to spread on the flowery temptation.

Anemone Linen Tablecloth

This lovable small tablecloth is made from 100% certified linen. The flamboyant red anemone table linen commemorates Dora Yung’s signature design of Finish Modernism. A miniature masterpiece with an admirable statement—it brings on the table the non perishable spirit of legacy that lasts for generations. A lovely gift that can be multi-used as a napkin and a placemat if not enframed as a lovely wall decor.

Lovable Linens for the Positive Household
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The items are made from 100% certified European linen of the highest Masters of Linen quality, as well as 100% merino and pure new wool of South American and South African origin, also under certification.

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