Storyteller: Koivu, The Silver Birch

And On And On The Story Rolls On The Christmas Table

Koivu—Birches in Black and White

Koivu: The Story Of The Silver Birch Wood

Once upon a time in a remote snow white land, there was a silver birch wood, which came alive with the magic wand of skillful Lapuan weavers.

And so the story of Koivu begins.

From a whole line of lovable goods made to furnish our homes from kitchen and terry bath towels to sauna covers and travel pillows, our choice for this season table setting is the festive table runner.

Made from 100% Masters of Linen, it means that you have the best quality material from flax to linen that only grows in this part of the world.

What is more suitable for Christmas than to spread a fairy tale on the table for the whole family to enjoy?

As Koivu table runner unrolls in front of everyone’s sight, it tells the story of the national tree of Finland, which is a symbol of the new beginning and is a true companion in Finnish everyday life.

And if you are looking to set the table for a special occasion, Koivu is the best gift to cover it with.

Photo: Lapuan Kankurit Oy

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