Feng Shui: The Sun Of June

The Outdoors Open Wide To The Hot Paradise Of Summer With Bright Light And Candy Colour
The Month Of Sun—When Energy Of Fire Spikes Up In The Hottest Spices And The Brightest Outdoors

June certainly is one of a kind as it is a peak time like no other. It is the month of the sun, with its eclipse spreading generously the energy of fire. The highest, the brightest, with the culmination of astronomical summer in the longest day of the year. The top of its ascension when its now to rule over wholly with full glory. The most outward and outspoken, when all in nature is drawn outside to enjoy the paradise of busy outdoors. The hottest, from the golden sands of azure sparkling seas to the spotlight of fame of our celebrity person and recognition of successful projects.

The energetical number of this state of being is nine, which is doubled up by the nine of the current period that started anew from this year.

It is the best chance to tune in the right energy flow and energise our homes for a brilliant sun shining summer. Home decor hints of nine pieces, either loose, or grouped together or in triples, in bright colours and pointed shapes, in the southern parts is known to be the most effective. South is the best orientation to let the most effective solar energy in the house. Even traditional design has derived universal knowledge from the most reliable natural sources. Logically, the best rooms to dedicate to this part of the home are the most active and social like the living room.

The season for opendoor parties, with gardens full of flowers in all the bright colours and kids playing joyously till fairy lights and candy candles lit up.

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