The Children Aspiration—How To Activate The Good Luck For Family At Home with Feng Shui

The children aspiration is the next one of the eight types of good luck people aspire to, following the rest in a logical sequence. These are health, wealth, fame, romance, mentors, career, and education. Feng Shui uses a very simple and potent method of identifying and activating these at home.

The good luck for family is part of a whole group dedicated to the family, which is nestled between the motherly and fatherly sectors. It resides in the western part of the home and is particularly potent in the western corners of the rooms. These locations we should energise for the family aspiration.

After accomplishing the first Feng Shui part, and having identified the desirable western segments at home, we can enjoy the really interesting and practical side of the method. It uses fun home decor rearrangements to energise and activate the space, attracting good family luck in our lives.

This particular sector is a very auspicious transitioning from the energy of Earth to the energy of Metal. It benefits productively from both types of elements and their attributes. However, the best colours and activators remain the white, the gold and the silver, as well as any precious metal object.

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