The Mentors Aspiration—How To Activate The Good Luck For Mentors At Home with Feng Shui

The mentors aspiration is one of the last from the eight types of good luck people are well known to aspire to. The rest of these are health, wealth, fame, romance, children, career, and education. Feng Shui has a simple yet a very potent formula of locating and activating any of these at home.

The good luck for mentors resides in the fatherly sector, and is logically grouped together with the education and the career aspirations. These host the northern type of energy, with the north-western side accommodating the mentors aspiration, which we should energise for attracting good mentoring.

After we have located the desirable corners of the home for the activation of this particular type of luck, we have completed the more scientific part of the Feng Shui method. Now the fun part starts with using simple interior redecorations to activate the energy of this space for good mentorship.

The mentors sector is one of the most powerful and auspicious as it hosts both the Patriarchal and Metal energies. Anything made from metal or in metal colours, such as gold and silver will be a great energiser. The best objects to use are wealth vases, coins, and images of celebrations.

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