Mum-Made—Take Mish Mash Of All Good And Beautiful, Mix With Love, Stir And Spread To Create A Pancake Tart

Mum-Made With Love—The Pancake Tart Recipe With All Ingredients To Fulfilled Dreams

This is how this month began and how it is ending. Mum’s made pancake tart with her heartfelt love for me. Stirred in her self-cooked mayonnaise with virgin olive oil and fresh eggs. Spread with the layers of chopped pickled gherkins and shred whites in between the coconut pancakes. Decorated with the red and white talisman of my birthday, and a little bit of green to strengthen the health and love wished within.

This is how this month is, the energy of the season is creative, unique, original, undone, self-made like the Spring. The time of pioneers venturing in giving new birth to their dreams. Taking off from ground zero and pivoting straight upright to reach the skies. All hearts that are brave, all souls that crave the best for their life. And it all starts from the little sparkle inside that turns into the most potent seed to be the flower to become fruit.

And it does not matter how long it takes, is it late or soon.. It does not matter. As all it takes, all we need is energy. Because we know that energy will turn into matter. We know these long lived dreams inside our hearts will materialise into everything good and beautiful we have lived for in our dreams. Sooner than later, it is inevitable. This is where we have been heading all this time. The right place of space when our dreams come true.

There is no other time in nature’s cycle when the new life is born out of nowhere. No other season has this potent utterly creative power that spikes from the snow white of the nothing with the strongest push of the green to bloom and blossom with the sweetest of pale to brightmost pink. The new build from the blueprint is now laid on its firm grounds. The plate where mum lays up her pancake tart. It all comes with love from the heart.

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