Feng Shui: Energy Of Wealth

How Blooms Flow In Nature’s Rising Power To A Blossoming Project Together
Season Of Wealth—The Driving Force Of Late Spring Blooms And Blossoms Energy Of Prosperity At Home

It is all about the concept of moving in the flow. Just observe nature, and you will find out many of its driving forces. Then, you just tap into these, and you are part of the overall harmony and balance there is.

The more I understand Feng Shui, the more it becomes my understanding that it is an energetical arrangement of the home. Such as a conventional design to our understanding is the material arrangement of our spaces.

These couple of months, gradual transition between the seasons of spring and summer takes place. And we can observe all the changes of shifting nature. As the sun is moving steady from the East to the South,

The pure green of new life waking up is blooming with white to pale rose to brighter pink blossoms. Flowering colours are introduced to visually beautify the scenery, and emotionally romanticise our feeling of being.

The rising power of a new beginning is adorned with the first flourishing results of our launched projects. This is the energy of streaming wealth and expansion with new branches into the open skies of our creative potential.

Every flower needs the right care and watering with love. This is the best time for some little hacks within the home to energise and boost the most potent parts of it with simple and pleasant interior rearrangements.

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