The Wealth Aspiration—How To Activate The Good Luck For Prosperity At Home with Feng Shui

The wealth aspiration is the next one of the eight types of good luck people are known to aspire to. The rest are health, fame, romance, children, mentors, career, and education. With Feng Shui there is a really simple and easy, but still powerful method to locate and activate all these in the home.

The good luck for wealth resides just next to the health aspiration for a good reason. It is the south-east of the home and the south-eastern parts of the rooms that host this particular aspiration. Exactly in these sectors its activation will be the strongest and most potent to focus our energising efforts on.

Now when we know where to find it, the creative fun part of Feng Shui work begins through enjoyable and practical interior rearrangements and decorations. This way with what we love to do at home, we start to shape and activate the magical intangible power of attracting prosperity in our lives.

Even with the slightest effort, an immediate effect can be convincingly brought in. This sector is in harmony with the health luck. Therefore, green and blue colours, wood and water features can be abundantly introduced into it as well. A bloom of flowering plants will bring the best boost of energy here.

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