Barnsdale Hall

Refreshing The Dream At The Hall Greens And Lake Sight Of Rutland Water

Grade II Listed Building, Barnsdale Hill, Barnsdale (area), Exton and Horn (civil parish), Rutland (unitary authority, ceremonial county), East Midlands (region), England
Image: A distant view from the public pathway of Barnsdale Hall, now renamed to Rutland Hall, facing the lake-side facade of the lodge building, looking towards Rutland Water reservoir.

Barnsdale Hall: Back To The Dream-Felt Greens And Swan-Lake Sight Of Rutland Water

Recently, I have started feeling this inside again that is like a refreshing breeze, that is like warming sunshine, that is like the freedom of the skies and the seas. This feeling that makes me yearn, and long, and crave, and wish, that drives me to explore and full-heart appreciate the goodness and beauty of the world.

And it has been awhile, I confess, and all of sudden it has just awakened from its one hundred years sleep. That very moment when you say, “It is time”, and the right time has come indeed. You know it without hesitation, and you have to go for it. And it happens that a stranger’s path you take leads you to the same old place.

And it turns out it is a revival as you find yourself revisiting a yet to be fulfilled dream. As if the magic wand of providence has led you by its hypnotising power when even intuition sleeps. And only after, only then do you think back of it and see the path paved its prominent shape as the snow-lake scene revealed to the front of Barnsdale Hall greens.

Rutland Water holds all sweet memories for me. Every time it is as if I visit for the first time, freshly, newly. It would start with a long sunlit bicycle ride adorned with my beaming smile. Then a memorable lunch over a heartfelt family dream that now lives on with the pleasant time spent in the companionship of a close friend.

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