Barnsdale Gardens

Following The Snowdrops—A Story Of A Lifelong Dream That Started From The Heart And Took A Heart To Fulfil

Image: One of the snowdrop gardens of Barnsdale Gardens with hedge walls facing Barnsdale Avenue part of Exton Park in the background.
Grade II Listed Park and Garden, Exton Park, Barnsdale (area), Exton and Horn (civil parish), Rutland (unitary authority, ceremonial county), East Midlands (region), England

The Snowdrop Garden: How It Takes One Heart to Make True A Lifelong Dream Beat By Beat

Those who know me are aware that flowers are my great friends; how much I love them as if my soul is them. Of all, one is heartfelt dear to my heart—the snowdrop. Thanks to my beloved dad and mum, here is the snowdrop girl.

Sweet memories back to Barnsdale Gardens on a dearly special occasion. One for a lifetime, not to only remember, but live through for the rest of my life. A day when a lifelong dream came through for my heart. This beautiful heart that gave birth to it and believed in it all the way all the time. This good heart that followed it with me with every beat and breath I would take on the long winding road. My dream of a lifetime.

An enchanting visit. As if the Secret Garden from the wonderful childhood story came live to me. Do you remember? Just follow the robin, and it will take us to the door that opens with the key. I followed the snowdrop trail. The Galanthus flower. This delicate pure white on a tiny strong green that can survive the chilliest winter to smile with the beaming sun of spring. It was exactly my dearmost snowdrop time of the year.

They say 9000 hand-planted snowdrops in just one of the many gardens. Not just the impressive number, nor simply gardening of art, but a fine work of heart. There are plenty of sites throughout the country revealing the sight. All it takes is the eyes that can admire from the heart.

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