Motives: Green Touch—The Power Of The Balance That Can Be Trusted Both In Flight And Fall

Touch The Green—The Power Colour Of Balance, The Essential Major Of Nature, The Core Principle Of Health

It may have happened twice. This way exactly how I mean. When we fly, it may happen that we slide down and we touch the green. Everyone falls. And then we get up, knowing we can fall again. But could this ever stop us when we were born with wings. An inborn drive we cannot help at all.

And, the more we learn the flights, the more we improve our soft landing on softer greens. And, we see a little shamrock of luck pops up every time with every touch down to it. Until they weave a saving net; until the green becomes our trampoline for higher jumps back up in the skies.

Have we ever thought about why there is so much green around? The innate colour of Nature. The symbolic colour of the New Year. The first colour of Spring. The most natural colour for our sight to adjust without an effort. The colour that is the balance of our human psyche. The colour of Health.

Let us touch the green. On New Year’s Eve, on St. Patrick’s Day, on the First day of Spring, and keep going on. Let us know how lucky we are with having the life we are blessed with, this precious green gift. Let us trust we can lean on it when we bend our wings. The best navigator we rely on.

Every experience teaches us how to be better people.

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