Watamu Linen Waist Apron Lapuan Kankurit Kitchen Linens


100% certified washed linen apron “Watamu” woven in Sweets design by Lapuan Kankurit.


Why our lovable Watamu Linen Waist Apron is the ideal for your positive household, dear Customer? Because it is:

HYGIENIC STAR—linen is highly repellent to stains and microbes, and is so friendly to the skin due to the hypoallergenic properties of flax fiber.

EASY TO CARE—linen is highly resistant to dirt, wear and tear, and is very easy to dry-clean and machine-wash regularly without heavy detergents.

FAST DRYING—linen dries so quickly compared to cotton due to the amazing property of flax fiber to highly absorb and easily get rid of moisture.

LONG LIVING—linen endures high temperatures and heavy use amazingly well due to the durable flax fiber, improving strong and soft aesthetic in time.

This lovable Watamu Linen Waist Apron features all these in one and much more of the amazing benefits of linen.





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