Polo Wool Camping Blanket Tweedmill Picnic Rug Rolls


100% wool camping blanket Polo woven by Tweedmill with leather straps and waterproof backing.


Why our lovable Polo Wool Camping Blanket is the ideal for your positive picnic pastime, dear Customer? Because it is:

HIGHLY INSULATING—wool is widely known as highly efficient insulation, it keeps warm in the winter and cool in the summer while retaining excellent breathability of the fabric.

RELIABLE WATERPROOFING—wool is well known for its water resistant properties, which makes it the excellent fabric for enduring harsh weather conditions while preserving the body dry.

INHERENTLY DURABLE—wool is historically proven as one of the most durable and lasting natural materials that can withstand the test of time and climate, enduring intensive usage.

EASY TO CARE—wool is anti-static and therefore highly resistant to dirt. It can be dry-cleaned and machine-washed without demanding regular maintaining.

This lovable Polo Wool Camping Blanket features all these in one and much more of the amazing benefits of wool.


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