Motives: Dual February

An Unusual Way To Wave Goodbye To The Month Of Duality With All Certainty

I confess, this time it will be an unusual way to say goodbye to the month on its way to pass by soon.

Not always can we know why we feel things in certain ways. Not always do these ways feel certain actually.

With certainty, however, I can call it this way. February is most certainly the month of duality.

The second month of the year, it looks like there are always two doors on the way. Which one to choose from..

Should we open one or the other? None lean the weights more than the other to give us the right tip.

Undeniably, the month of choices and decisions to be made. When it is only intuition that we have to be our radar.

And this is how we grow, dear friends, this is how we feel more and more at home with ourselves. Secure.

How we know we are always settled safe, all well in the end, despite the many doors we have to choose from.

The only home we can have for sure. When we stay true to ourselves. There from, the path is clear.

We learn to navigate with a laser focus and intuitively flow in our best and rightmost direction.

This is the transition, from one dual side to the other. Yet, done with a single movement, the sole change.

Our transformation. Life is indeed a journey, and from all existent choices, there is one decision to be made.

Keep moving onwards and upwards on the best pathway. Keep heading in the very right direction. Keep living on!


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