The Fame Aspiration—How To Activate The Good Luck For Recognition At Home with Feng Shui

The fame aspiration is the third one of the eight types of good luck people are known to aspire to. The rest of these are health, wealth, romance, children, mentors, career, and education. Feng Shui has a very easy and enjoyable, still powerful method to identify and activate these in the home.

The southern part of the home, together with the southern sectors in the rooms host the good luck for recognition. If we wish to bring in more popularity and appreciation for ourselves and our work of any kind, these are the locations we focus our energising efforts on rearranging them.

The very first thing to do is to orientate where the south is at home and as soon as we have this simple geography sorted, the rest is even more fun. We can get really creative with Feng Shui, and by only using simple interior decoration hacks, magnify very fast results of attracting recognition for us.

Through the use of colours and textures, we can confidently begin with the energising. Red as well as all bright colours such as magenta, orange, and purple emanate powerful southern energy. If we place beautiful flowering plants in the same colour range, we have the best activators of the fame luck.

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