Lavin Tote Lemon Furnishing Fabric Medium 100% Irish Linen


100% Irish linen fabric Lavin in tote lemon colour for furnishing. Medium with classic finish, suitable both for upholstery and drapery.


Lavin tote lemon furnishing fabric of medium 100% Irish linen

Why our lovable Lavin tote lemon furnishing fabric is the ideal for your positive household, dear Customer? Because it is:

INHERENTLY DURABLE—linen is made from the most durable fibres. The fabric is much stronger than cotton and endures intensive use and cleaning.

STRONGLY UV RESISTANT—linen structure lessens the penetration of harmful UV rays. Light and natural colours are excellent to use throughout the day. At the same time, darker fabrics are efficient light blockers in the night.

EASY TO CARE—linen is highly resistant to dirt, wear and tear. Hence, it is very easy to dry-clean and steam-clean regularly without heavy detergents.

NATURALLY AESTHETIC—linen is so appealing to sight and far lustrous than cotton due to the fabric lint-free texture, unveiling its natural charisma.

Use in Home Decor and Interior Design

This medium 100% Irish linen in tote lemon colour is suitable for home decor and furnishing. As a middleweight fabric it can be both used for quality upholstery and soft furnishings as well as drapery, curtains, blinds, and other window treatments. This medium linen will bring attention to the interior in a flamboyant and expansive way but still remain warm and earthy. Tote lemon linen embodies the colour of happiness, vitality, enthusiasm and health. There is how it will evoke energetic vibes of excitement, vibrancy, movement and change.

We can use colours and textures in our living environments to positively affect our emotional and mental well-being. Colours can stimulate our daily activities and contribute to wellness. This tote lemon Irish linen fabric can stir out creativity and sophistication and notions of wealth and prosperity. It has a balancing power. The linen fabric is ideal for those who want to make a statement but still remain friendly and inviting.

Wellness design takes care of organizing the internal environment in such a way that can most positively affect our physical and mental health. With the right use of light and space, and match of textile within an overall balanced and harmonized interior design, this 100% Irish linen fabric can achieve its best visual and health inducing effects.




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