Storyteller: Ruusu x Hvittrask, Roses from The White Lake Villa

Roses Time—The Opening Of The Summer Season Can Only Be Spectacular and Full Of Flowers

Ruusu x Hvittrask—Whitelake Roses in Red

Ruusu x Hvittrask: The Roses Of Hvittrask—Come With Us On A Beautiful Journey To The White Lake Villa Gardens

It is Roses time! Come as we are entering the season of roses growing from beautiful to nicer and indulge senses in their stunning sight and aroma. Isn’t it the very right moment to exhibit our beautiful rose towel:

  • 100% Masters of Linen towel Ruusu x Hvittrask can be used as a hand towel in the bathroom, tea towel in the kitchen, and guest towel for our visitors at home.
  • Of the highest rated Masters of Linen quality woven by Lapuan Kankurit, this lovable bath and kitchen linen is amazingly absorbent, fast drying, long lasting, and easy to care for.

Designed in collaboration with The National Museum of Finland, the colour-rich floral motif is inspired by the lovely rose gardens of the eponymous White Lake villa.

The villa, now a museum, once used to be a studio home of a famous trio of architects. Designed in traditional romantic style, it hosts exhibitions and an open cafe to the gardens.

History is interwoven into this contemporary Scandinavian design, which makes the beautiful piece of art and craft a unique blend of classic and modern.

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