Storyteller: Juhladamasti, Celebration Of Linen Damask

Set The Table For A Very Special Occasion For The Most Special People

Juhladamasti: A Festive Set Of Table Linen Is More Than A True Celebration Of Linen Damask

With the very special day of a very special loved one who is so dear to my heart, my lovely mum, I find it to be the best occasion to celebrate it in a harmonious way by presenting to our readers and followers’ attention this masterpiece of Textile Art and Craft.

Juhladamasti is a festive set of table linen consisting of a tablecloth and matching table napkins in two colour versions of natural linen and pure white. Besides being so beautiful and delightful to the eye, bringing pleasure to the senses, it is also a very practical and top quality fabric.

Woven with a long history of cooperation between our gifted textile manufacturer and one of the oldest design associations in Finland, the Friends of Finnish Handicraft, it is newly released in commemoration of this successful relationship and the 50th Anniversary of Lapuan Kankurit.

Made with exquisite textile design and weaving skills from the world’s best Masters of Linen certified material, celebrated with professionalism and good friendship, it is truly the best choice to lay the festive table for every personal and special occasion.

Photo: Lapuan Kankurit Oy

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