Feng Shui: The Mountain

Listen To A Wise Teacher As It Speaks Solid In Its Softest Silence

Today, I wish to tell you about the Mountain. And please do not think it is my passion for where I prefer to be. Surprisingly though, it has come out as a definite of my energetical reality.

January is the very right month to turn to the mountain. It is where it all begins, and where everything leans back onto eventually. The conceiver of the most precious treasures, and the protector that has got our back.

Feng Shui can successfully reveal to us the amazing laws of nature, which we can then apply at home and our surroundings in the healthiest and most auspicious ways to attract well-being and good fortune into our lives.

This time of the year flows with the energy of Earth, and if we know how to tune into it harmoniously, we can only benefit. The energy of January is mountainous, it is solid, it is calm, it is peace, it is high and on its own.

It is as if everything sleeps on the surface. It is as if everything is dark and unfamiliar outside. However, the diamonds that are to shine out of its womb begin their journey now.

The keeper of all knowledge that will produce fruit and store the fortune from the harvest later in the year. As we know, every path climbing up the mountain begins with the very first step. Success is the right preparation.

When I imagine the Mountain, I see evergreen fir trees cuddled in a snow-white softness. I see the everlasting harmony of elements – earth, wood, water. I am amazed how everything always is in the very right order.

The healthy habit of nature. The wise teather, I learn from it.

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