Feng Shui: Period Nine

Open Hearts To The Good And Beauty As The New Period Blessings For Two Decades Ahead Start From Today

Period Nine starts on 10 February and rules from 2024 to 2044

Today, it all changes. As if everything changes indeed if it was not a natural continuation of our chosen pathway.

Today, the new energetical year begins with the present super new moon as per the Chinese calendar.

Today, everything having correlation with the traditions of this ancient world changes energy to the Dragon.

Today, a more significant event takes place with the start of Period Nine for the now coming couple of decades.

Today, few know of its importance, and are aware that it means expansion now on of all settled so far.

Today on, everything we feel, think, intend, make and do, or we do not, will be growing and multiplying for us.

Today on, how we are will be coming more of us, how the world is for us inside out will be turning our reality.

Today on, everything we spent our time and efforts on in the last two decades will be bringing us results.

Today on, the direction we have chosen will be coming true and real as we follow the right way for us.

Today, we understand how crucial it is to do the best in every chance and opportunity to stick to the good for us.

Today, we benefit from the power of the Dragon when we let it flow in with its strength, calm, wisdom, goodness.

Today, we are protected by its loyal guard, motivated by its enthusiasm, determination and successful growth.

Today, we are safe due to its noble nature, positivism, and self-content helping us feel secure and balanced.

Today, we are supported by the years Green Wood, bringing new life, good fortune, prosperity, and optimism.

Today, we have stable grounds to start the dream project, let it be of our passion, and realise our dreams.

Today, we keep on steady healthy and wide open heart to love, to all goodness and beauty there is for us.

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