Chatsworth House

Beauty Is Usually Plain Outside Where The Richest Heart Resides Inside

Grade I Listed Building, Chatsworth Park, Peak District National Park (area), Chatsworth (civil parish), Derbyshire Dales (non-metropolitan district), Derbyshire (non-metropolitan county, ceremonial county)
Image: A lovely spring view from the Rose Garden, faced by the eastern facade of Chatsworth House, looking at Flora's Temple (left), the Conservative Wall (front) and the Greenhouses.

Chatsworth House: How One Of The Most Beloved Homes Reveals True Beauty Inside Out

I had wished to visit Chatsworth for a while.

I remember the exhibition they had announced to take place there of original residents’ attires. From the first moment, a romantic whim it was. And it happened to be a romantic occasion indeed when I went on my dream fulfilling visit. One that is remembered with the beautiful sunlit day on Easter. And the vast greens that would open up welcoming straight from the car park, would then lead and guide on a beautiful journey full of discoveries. Such that would be only touched on the surface, subtly and gently, before submerging. And the more they deepen down, the richer they reveal. Those journeys indeed that are true of the heart. Always so plain on the outside, and exquisite to the last detail inside out.

This is how I remember Chatsworth. Its simple ordered stone facade at first glimpse was such a great surprise for the architect’s eye enveloping the massive even block of the house. Like a secretly concealed treasure box, which is to unveil its innumerable precious beauties with the sparkling trumpets of its most majestic splendour. The interior of this stately home has well known Princess Victoria’s first formal adolescent’s dinner and her romantic Queen’s walk later in the illuminated gardens accompanied by her beloved Albert. The same gardens that many have appreciated with the impressive cascading water downhill, and I will always remember with the bushes of blushing roses on that special Easter.

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