Scented Tumble Dryer Anti-Crease Balls Little Beau Sheep Laundry Care

100% British Wool tumble dryer balls felted by Little Beau Sheep in Cheviot Sheep design with Laundry fragrance.

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Why our lovable Scented Tumble Dryer Anti-Crease Balls are the ideal for your happy home, dear Customer? Because it is:

HYGIENIC STAR—wool is well known for its natural presence of lanolin, which role in nature is its protection. A very effective dirt-repellent, it also aids in improving the quality of fabrics.

FAST DRYING—wool is widely known as highly efficient insulation. Due to its excellent breathability and water resistant properties, it can retain heat and dry quickly, further reducing creasing facilitating easy ironing.

INHERENTLY DURABLE—wool is historically proven as one of the most durable and lasting natural materials that can withstand the test of time and climate, enduring intensive usage without demanding regular maintaining.

ECOLOGICAL CHAMPION—wool is anti-static and therefore highly resistant to dirt. Easy care, reusable, fully biodegradable, chemical free and energy saving, it is an excellent ecological choice.

These lovable Scented Tumble Dryer Anti-Crease Balls feature all these in one and much more of the amazing benefits of wool.

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