Moths Repellent Wool Spray Little Beau Sheep Laundry Care


100% natural moths repellent for wool spray made by Little Beau Sheep with Cedar and Orange fragrance.


Why our lovable Moths Repellent for Wool Spray is the ideal for your happy home, dear Customer? Because it is:

HYGIENIC STAR—lanolin is originally known as highly efficient dirt-repellent, which role in nature is to protect the wool and skin from the environment and the elements. Easy and lasting care.

HIGHLY MOISTURIZING—lanolin is similar to our skin and keeps it moisturized by acting both as a water-resistant and water-loss barrier. It conditions the hair and improves waterproofing of woollen fabrics.

HYPOALLERGENIC—lanolin for topical applications is refined to high-purity grades, widely used in cosmetics and successfully suited to the treatment of a wide number of dermatological conditions.

INHERENTLY SUSTAINABLE—lanolin is wax naturally produced by sheep, which is derived from the wool fleece through a completely animal-friendly process. It is fully renewable and biodegradable.

This lovable Moths Repellent for Wool Spray features all these in one and adds much more to the amazing collection of sustainable home goods.



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